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Cleaning conveyors of important
- Dec 06, 2016 -

Remove contamination should avoid use of cleaning with a corrosion cleaning agent to clean the conveyor belt. Although detergents can effectively clean conveyor belt but may cause plastic changes affecting life.
In the process of cleaning, to remove the conveyor belt or inside the fuselage under debris, impurities, please make sure the machine's motor is turned off to avoid damage. Because many in the production and distribution process, scattered in the dough, molasses from the system the product clastic debris and appearance packages can cause pollution problems. Exotic pollution dust, sand and broken glass, pollution transport systems and causing problems, so daily or periodic cleaning is very important, should always pay attention to transportation environment and regular cleaning conveyor systems.
Third, maintenance and replacement
Routine maintenance and replacement, in order to advance on the main precursor to conveyor faults found. General Visual check the degree of wear to decide whether it should be replaced. (Conveyor belt problem and resolve) the focus of tips to help you decide or change.