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V band classification (1)
- May 11, 2018 -

V band classification (1)

The V-shaped adhesive tape is referred to simply as a V-belt or a V-belt and is a general term for an endless belt having a trapezoidal section. Compared with the flat transmission belt, it has the advantages of easy installation, small floor space, high transmission efficiency, and low noise. It occupies an important position in the entire transmission field. According to its sectional shape and size can be divided into ordinary V-belt, narrow V-belt, wide V-belt, V-ribbed belt, etc.; according to the belt body structure can be divided into wrapped cloth V-belt and power edge type V-belt; according to the core structure can be Divided into the V-belt core and V-belt. It is mainly used for power transmission of motors and internal combustion engine-driven mechanical equipment.

Ordinary V-belt

The most common type of V-belt. The wedge angle is 40, and the relative height (ratio of thickness to bandwidth) is about 0.7. It is composed of a clad layer, an extension layer (top layer), a strength layer (tension layer), a buffer layer, and a compression layer (bottom layer). Partly composed. The strength layer consists of a multi-layer cord or a single row of cords, with a ratio of the width of the top face to the height of the band of 1.6. For industrial and agricultural power transmission