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V band classification (3)
- May 13, 2018 -

V band classification (3)

Wide V band

Also known as variable speed V belt. The relative height (ratio of thickness to bandwidth) is 0.3. According to the top and bottom surfaces with or without teeth, can be divided into no tooth width V band, internal tooth width V band, internal and external tooth width V band and truncated cone width V band four. It is generally applied to the power transmission of a belt type continuously variable transmission. Because of its advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, smooth transmission, ability to absorb vibration, easy maintenance and low manufacturing cost, it has been widely used and developed rapidly.

Ribbed belt

The V-ribbed belt refers to a ring-shaped rubber belt with a flat belt as a base body and arranged on the inner surface with equally spaced trapezoidal wedges of 40[deg.] in length, and its working surface is the side of the wedge. The advantage of the multi-wedge belt is that the contact area and friction force of the V-ribbed belt and the pulley are larger, the distribution of the load along the belt width is more uniform, so the transmission capacity is greater; because the belt body is thin, light, flexible, and reasonable in structure, The working stress is small, and it can work on the smaller pulley. The multi-wedge belt also has the characteristics of small transmission vibration, fast heat dissipation, stable operation, small use elongation, high transmission ratio and high speed limit, etc., so the service life is longer; energy saving effect Obviously, the transmission efficiency is high; the transmission is compact and takes up less space. In addition, the back side of the V-ribbed belt can also be driven, and an automatic tension adjuster can be used to make the transmission more secure and reliable. Ribbed belts are particularly suitable for high-speed drives with compact construction requirements and high transmission power. The main features are as follows: 1. The transmission power is large, and the space is 30% higher than that of the ordinary V-belt. 2. The transmission system has a compact structure. Under the same transmission power, the transfer device occupies 25% less space than the ordinary V-belt. 3. The belt body is thin, full of softness, adapt to the drive with small diameter of the pulley, and also suitable for high-speed transmission. The belt speed can reach 40m/s; the vibration is small, the heat is little, and the operation is stable. 4. Heat, oil, abrasion resistance, use of small elongation, long life. The current market types are: PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM

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